Pat Harrison Bullock


When Pat Harrison Bullock died, his sister, my mother, became heir to some of his property. Among that property was a trunk in which he kept several items from New Guinea and the Philippines where he served during WWII. Along with other things was a 79 cent spiral bound notebook he had written memories of his wartime experiences. There are also other writings my sister Jean Jordan has rewritten. Uncle Pat had very little education and it is very hard to read the things he had written so it was necessary they be rewritten. Some things we have so far failed to translate. It was necessary to correct a lot

of grammar in order for it to be readable but some was left as he had written it.

Uncle Pat served in the Third Battalion 124th Infantry Regimental Combat Team Company I. He and John Billington from Camden, New Jersey were given the position of head scouts. They held that position from July 16 1944 until John was killed June 2 1945. Being 30 years old when he was drafted he mentioned some calling him 'The Old Man'. John carried the nickname of 'Combat'.

These may or may not be in any order, they are written as he remembered them more that 30 years later. He had in his possession a copy of the unit journal and casualty report written by LtCol George D. Williams. Having a rank no higher than PFC. I have no idea why he would have these in his possession except I recall he worked at Camp Shelby as a night watchman for a while and someone may have copied it for him then. It is obvious his copy was made from worn, dog eared originals. A lot of materials were donated to the University of Southern Mississippi and are available for research there. We also intend to make all the materials we can available to other museums. will be given copies also.

Ken Walters

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