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Some time in the early 1940's, someone first scribbled these famous words. We don't know how many millions of times this simple graffiti appeared during WWII or the Korean War but we do know that Kilroy Was Here is still finding it's way on to any vertical surface. These are the sightings from then and that continue now.

The attached article is from the Winter 2003 Quarterly magazine of MCAA (Marine Corps Aviation Association) known as The Yellow Sheet. I thought you would find it interesting. .

Semper Fi & Happy New Year,

LCol Ted Read USMC (Retired)

This great story by By CDR Chuck Roots, USN Command Chaplain, Camp Lemonier, Djibouti, Africa, starts with "One of the most beloved characters that transcended its military origins is Kilroy, most notably remembered with nearly iconic reverie by those who fought in World War 11, dubbed The Big One."

Read the complete article.

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Canada's Kilroy, Herbie

Click image for larger view

See the cartoon. Note the close resemblance to Kilroy

Bing Coughlan and "Herbie"

William G. "Bing" Coughlin MBE was a member of the Princess Louise Dragoon Guards and saw action in the Sicily invasion. He was later a Sergeant on the staff of Maple Leaf, the Canadian Army newspaper. His character, "Herbie" came to typify the ordinary Canadian private, so much so that Canadian soldiers became known as "Herbies", a tradition that in some units, is carried on to this day. Herbie and this Army," by William Garnet "Bing" Coughlin, first appeared in the Maple Leaf in the spring of 1944 in Naples, Italy.

Bing's chinless hero Herbie became a particular icon at the front and "Herbie wuz here" graffiti marked the path of the Canadian advance. In 1944 Herbie was voted "Canadian Man of the Year" by the troops


Robert Mullan

Editor's note: While American GIs were scrawling "Kilroy Was Here" all over the world, Chad, saying "Wot no ____ " (whatever was in short supply) was being scribbled by English warriors. See Wot no Engines? or KILROY AND CHAD WERE EVERYWHERE. Meanwhile, Canadians had their own. Here is a wonderful cartoon showing Herbie.

Kilroy on MASH!

Click image for larger view
Courtesy 20th Century Fox

Eric Harwell wrote: Just a quick addendum to the post by Laryssa Nyland concerning the appearance of 'Kilroy Was Here' on an episode of MASH. After having purchased Season 4 on DVD, I got to see the unedited version of the episode. (The reruns of MASH are edited; you would not believe how much is taken out so room can be made for more commercials) Anyway, the scene was originally a sight gag:

B.J. Hunnicutt (Mike Farrell) was peeking out of one of the windows on the bus, much in the way the Kilroy drawing portrays, when Hawkeye (Alan Alda) writes the immortal "Kilroy was here" in the dust on the glass.

In a great display of continuity, the words stay on the glass throughout the rest of the episode. Just thought I'd pass this along. Great website, by the way. Hats off to all veterans.

The screen shot and sighting are from 20th Century Fox's "M*A*S*H - Season Four (Collector's Edition)". For fans of the show, seasons 1 through 4 are widely available.
All are available at Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

Editor's note: This is an excellent example of how Kilroy was omnipresent and known even during the Korean war and in the time MASH was filmed. This use of the graffiti needed no explanation. Thanks Eric!

Kilroy on a Good Cause!

This decal will alert motorists on how to report good or bad teen driving.

From Tom Kercher

I Saw You Safety and Scholarship Organization is an 501(c)(3) public charity committed to reducing the deaths and injuries caused by youthful drivers. They offer parents a way to keep tabs on their teenage drivers. The program, based upon rofessional drivers bumper stickers that ask, "How's My Driving?" Motorists can report bad, dangerous or, hopefully, good driving to the organization which passes it on to the parents. They currently offer the service for $20 per year but hope that insurance companies will sponsor the program. Farmers Insurance Group is funding a pilot program now in 13 California communities.

The foundation executive director Holly Odon says they plan to eventually offer $5000 college scholarships to enrolled teenagers based upon their good reported driving records and general citizenship.

For more information, contact
4400 Bayou Boulevard, Suite 12
Pensacola, FL 32503
(850) 471-1800
Fax: (850) 471-2800
web: www.1866ISawYou.com

Holly Odon added: "Funny, isn't it, that these kids we are trying to keep safe have probably never even heard of our beloved WW2 Kilroy, but the whole reason we used him is because we were aware of the comfort this character brought to so many of our soldiers who were away from their homes and at great personal risk. Thanks for your message, and keep up your good work!

Kind regards, Holly Odom"

Snapping Turtle Does Good Kilroy

Photo by John K. Tucker, Illinois Natural History Survey.

I am a Vietnam veteran (US Navy) and my dad is a WW II veteran (again US Navy). I am also a biologist with the Illinois Natural History Survey. Recently, myself and my collegues encountered a large snapping turtle that was a lover not a fighter. This turtle refused to bite or strike despite being trapped, then measured and weighed. When placed on the laboratory floor it would run for it rather than turning to charge as other snappers do. Although may be it did not have the fighting spirit of the American serviceman, past and present, the turtle did an excellent kilroy imitation while it watched us work. I attach an image of the turtle to this message. Feel free to use it as you wish.

My younger graduate student collegues had never heard of the Kilroy legend. They have now. It is a shame that young people seem to know nothing about the history of the sacrifice made by so many Americans to help keep them and much of the world free. There is almost no knowledge of the cultural aspects of the wars that made this country. Mention Ernie Pyle, and they think you are talking about some affliction of the rear end. I might mention also that the turtle was returned to its natural habitat, where it is hopefully doing what large male snapping turtles do.


John K. Tucker
Illinois Natural History Survey

Closeup up of ad at bottom of back page

Click image for larger views

Recently I purchased a record collection. Among the records I found a flyer from a local, Pensacola, radio station, WBSR. Dating from 1966, it lists the top 40 hits. On the flyer I spied a Kilroy. It is in an ad for Uncle Homer's Hobbyland. As far as I know that place is long gone. Kilroy, of course, lives on.

Bob Cook, Pensacola, FL

Kilroy from AlCan to Utah Beach

Click image for larger view

These wonderful drawings were found in an old WWII scrap book left by the commanding officer of the 145th Engineer Combat Battalion. They were drawn by an unknown member. They are real Kilroys in various poses as they fought their way across France and Germany

From Andy Miller

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So long live Kilroy.

Kilroy in Denmark

When I was a kid in the early 70's and attending school, it happened almost everyday when I entered a classroom that someone had put the kilroy figure on somebody's desk. It was always done in pencil and was, of course, removed the same day by the cleaners. The funny thing is that I come from Denmark which was NOT occupied by the US Army at the end of WWII. We were liberated by the British forces. But still; Kilroy was also here. Later during my national service in the Army he was all over. Properly brought over by American soldiers with whom we worked closely together Also from time to time he still pops up here and there so here by us he is still very much alive.

I made a sketch as I remember it. Please note the fence. It is the only place I have seen that but it was always there. I have come to think of that I also saw him on a few vehicles when I was in the army. I don't know if that was inspired by the American troops we often trained with. But it was on a joint NATO exercise I saw it. I must have been in 1983. I remember Kilroy on the bumper of two trucks (Danish ones that is). There was no fence there.

In a way I think it is a fine way to pay tribute to the American forces who helped liberate us back in '45. So long live Kilroy.

Erik Day Poulsen

Kilroy in Video Games
Screen shot of game

Here is a picture from a game Called Dual Swords. This game runs on the the gameboy advanced handheld. As you can see in the background killroy was on the GBA.

Mike Weirauch

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer
After a ferocious battle in WWII. The troops moved in to find inscribed:

I wish I could give you fuller information. I was in my early teens during WWII, so clearly I didn't see this in place. I do remember this version being reported in the Cleveland Plain Dealer during the breakout from Cherbourg. It was one of many items then current about lighter moments on the front. As you know, Kilroy quotes were very popular then. The basic story was that one of the advance units thought they were the first Allied unit in a place, and found this doggerel waiting for them. Events then were very much in a state of flux, so not many of the Kilroy stories were documented. I don't doubt that several of them were invented to provide copy. All I can do is to assure you that it was reported during the time that the Third Army was tearing across France.

Roger E. Mills

Kilroy on Peleliu, 1944

This is not the original sighting but a replica of what Wesley saw.

Kilroy sighting on the island of Peleliu (the Palau Islands) in 1944:

I was second radio (during General Quarters, when we were not engaged in landings, I was the gunner on our port twenty mm. antiaircraft gun.) On the morning of September 15, 1944, just before the first wave of Marines were to go in, I spotted something sticking out of the rocks on an outcropping of land on our starboard side. We were nosed in toward the beach, maintaining station, waiting for the first wave to come in from the big PA's and LST's in the outer harbor. We were one of five wooden subchasers on loan from the Navy to the Army ("MacArthur's Navy") and one minesweeper that were coordinating the landings with the TFC on the flagship in the outer harbor. The LCVP's would come in, about eight or ten of them to each liaison ship, circle until we received "Execute" from the TFC, then when we ran up the red "Go" pennant, they would go in.

I spotted something in the rocks and got curious enough to borrow a pair of binoculars from the quartermaster to check it out. When I shouted out, "Kilroy was here!" everybody in the pilothouse thought I was crazy, and it was sometime before anyone would take me seriously. But there it was, about a thousand yards from the first landing beach, at the top of a pile of rocks, was a sign that said, "Kilroy Was Here!" No one had an explanation for how it got there. No American could have done that and no Jap would do it. We were the first in, and no one in the landing party had made it ashore at that time. Someone suggested that it had probably been put there by some Jap who had lived in the States, but I argued that no Jap about to meet his maker would do a thing like that. Three days later I "celebrated" my nineteenth birthday.

Peleliu was not one of those little excitements that go away with time. I still remember the minutest details of my part in that invasion. We (the five subchasers) were still in the area after all the other landing ships had left, because it fell our responsibility to search out and bury the floating bodies around Peleliu. It took us a week and during that length of time no on aboard the SC-995 was able to eat anything (and hold it down).

I ran across a picture that reminds me a lot of that outcropping of land with the sign on it and decided to send it to you and explain that (1) we were out a ways in the water to the right, (2) there were considerably more rocks and a very rough terrain, and (3) the sign appeared to be on some kind of driftwood or crude board.The "Kilroy" was on top and it was in all caps. It seems to me that the beach was gray, and I am certain the sky was the color of silver and there was a great deal of smoke and haze.

This sighting is from the noted author Wesley Hall. Wesley should know! He was there and wrote the excellent book The Splendid Five, see the review in Volume 5 Miscellany page 2.

In the book he mentions this sighting. How did it get there? Who did it? Another mystery of WWII.

Wesley Hall

WWII Kilroy Was Here Sightings Owen Kitchener

Dear Kilroy Editor,
One story with about Kilroy was back in 1958. I was carrying out Internal Security Duties against the E.O.K.A. (Greek for NATIONAL ORGANIZATION OF CYPRIOT FIGHTERS.) They were terrorists in Cyprus. We used to go on "Pussy Foot" patrols of four to six men (Pussy.Foot, meaning covert) into the remote areas. We spent up to a week away from base so we picked up supplies hidden under road culverts. These culverts were numbered so they were easy to find. When we skirted villages, we used to see fresh wall graffiti on walls put there by E.O.K.A as a warning to the villagers not to cooperate with the Security Forces. One of us would sneak in and write on the wall, "HAVE NO FEAR KILROY WAS HERE. WE ARE COMING TO GET YOU." or "CROMWELL WILL GET YOU." Cromwell was a covert Anti E.O.K.A. organization. We never found out who they were. I think it was another KILROY look alike or a Turkish hoax. The Turks were our allies then. Hope that little piece of history of mine has not bored you. Take care, Keep your head down and keep your powder dry.

Editor's note: Don't miss Owen Kichener's site at:
http://www.kitchener94.freeserve.co.uk/index.htm (Editor's Note: Sorry but this link is no longer good. If anyone knows where it is now, please let me know.)

Kilroy with Bugs Bunny
on the moon

WWII Kilroy Was Here Sightings Bugs Bunny

Dear Kilroy Editor,

In a relatively late (and odd) Bugs Bunny Cartoon last night (Friday, 6 March 2002) on the "Cartoon Network," Bugs, after landing on the moon, walks behind a rock where it's written "Kilroy Was Here." I normally keep my VCR on standby for recording but, you know, the graffiti came up without any warning and gave me no time to react. I've told my kids to keep their eyes open and call me if it's repeated some time.

WWII Kilroy Was Here Sightings Niklas Lehmann
Niklas Lehmann

This morning (Sat, 30 Mar 2002) at 10.25am (Mozambican time) Cartoon Network, again, aired the cartoon where Bugs Bunny lands on the moon and walks by a rock where it's written "Kilroy Was Here." I managed to record it on my VCR! I find your work and Site very interesting and I'm happy being able to contribute to it! I'm sorry to say it, but I didn't catch the title (and they do not repeat it in the end) so I still can't tell you.

I'm a Swedish Chief Engineer but I've been living in Africa for the last 20 years and I'm presently working as an advisor at the Danish Embassy here in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique.

Warmest African greetings,

Niklas Lehmann (Mozambique)

Editor's Note: Thanks Niklas! It's really great to see how small the world, indeed solar system, has shrunk. Here's an American cartoon seen by a Swedish Engineer in Mozambique, Africa about a rabbit on the moon sent to an American with an American web site through its British address (www.kilroywashere.org.uk) hosted by an Australian firm. WOW! Niklas' cartoon appears to be "Bugs and Daffy" from 1956.

Spotted again!

I remember in the Looney Tunes Cartoon Short "Haredevil Hare" is plainly visible on the side of a moon rock. Bugs Bunny is sent to the moon and is seen walking around. He says "Anyway, I'm the first living creature to set foot on the moon" , and on a rock in front of him is Kilroy.

Nicholas Weeks

Steven \"Torgen\" Cochran wrote:

Heya Pat! I was visiting the Museum of Musical instruments website while looking for things for my WWII radio station, and found Kilroy in a collage on this page:
http://www.themomi.org/museum/soph/index.html Steven "Torgen" Cochran

Thanks Steven, . Nice catch! I almost didn't see it.

WWII Kilroy Was Here Sightings MOMI
The Museum of
Musical Instruments

Editor's Note: Check this sight out! It's great!

WWII Kilroy Was Here Sightings Closing Time

Janice Mah wrote
I was looking at your site and noting the different legends associated with "Kilroy was here" and came upon Legend#8, courtesy of Franco Medeot. While I don't recall Kilroy appearing in Catch-22, I do know that Kilroy appears in the sequel, entitled Closing Time, which I've excerpted below.

Excerpts from Closing Time: The Sequel to Catch-22 by Joseph Heller, New
York: Simon&Schuster, 1994:

p. 100
McBride nodded grimly. "That's what I thought too." Unexpectedly, he let out a laugh, as though proud of himself. "Now look at that plaque."
"What plaque?"
"In dark letters. It's set into the wall near the doorway and says that a man named Kilroy was here."
Yossarian gave McBride a searching look. "Kilroy? It says that? Kilroy was here?"
"You know Kilroy?"
"I was in the army with Kilroy," said Yossarian.
"Maybe it's not the same Kilroy."
"He's the one."
"Everywhere. Shit, I ought to know him by now. Everywhere I was stationed, he was there too. You always saw it written on a wall. When I was arrested and put in the stockade for a week, he'd been locked up there also. In college after the war, when I went into the library stacks, he'd already been there."
"Could you find him for me?"
"I never met him. I never met anyone who saw him."
"I could find him," said McBride. "Through the Freedom of Information Act. Once I get his Social Security number I can nail him cold. Will you come talk to him with me?"
"Is he still alive?"
"Why wouldn't he be alive?" asked McBride, who was only fifty. "I want to know more about this, I want to know what he was doing here. I want to know what the hell this is."

p. 106

McMahon was out on an emergency call, and Michael, who was finished with his unfinished drawing, inquired casually:
"Where've you been?"
"Coney Island," Yossarian said jauntily. "And guess what. Kilroy was there."
"Right, Larry?"
"Who's Kilroy?" asked Michael.
"In Washington once, I went to look for a name on the Vietnam Memorial, with the names of all who'd been killed there. Kilroy was there, one Kilroy."
"The same one?"
"How the fuck should I know?"

WWII Kilroy Was Here Sightings WTC Hoax

You probably received this HOAX photo after the WTC attack with the following letter:

To: You
Subject: FW: Found in
WTC wreckage.

This is just an astonishing picture. This was from a camera found in the wreckage of the WTC, developed by the FBI for evidence and released on the net today — the guy still has no name and is missing . . .

WWII Kilroy Was Here Sightings Hoax

Diane wrote:

Take a peek ... www.WTCTOURIST.com. Sure you saw the original picture. But please see what I am doing with it. Actually gonna make many changes and add the "search for kilroy." Any ideas ? Diane

Editor's note: I was recently asked if I thought Kilroy would return for this war. I replied that he would when we started laughing at Osama instead of fearing him. Those old enough will remember that WWII started with Chaplin's The Great Dictator and the song "Der Fuhrer's Face."

Well, the laughter has started and being led by the Internet and people like Diane! Take a look at her site! It's one of the most fun sightings we have!

WWII Kilroy Was Here Sightings Marilyn Monroe

Jose A. del Cueto wrote:

Look what I found. It's an ad from IWC watch co. (Swiss) with the Kilroy Was Here slogan.

Note that Kilroy Was Here at the bottom is misspelled but I have seen it in some places, mostly Europe and Asia, spelled that way.


Kilroy on a cast

WWII Kilroy Was Here SightingsRobert Pappas
Hi Pat. Yesterday, Kayty and I rode the Iwo Jima back over from Pascagoula. On the way back I
noted a lady in a leg cast. On it she had "Kilroy was here" I took a picture.

Robert Pappas

July 29, 2001WWII Kilroy Was Here Sightings Joanne McDaniel
The cast (and leg) belong to Joanne McDaniel. Here's a close up of Kilroy

Joanne McDaniel wrote:
As Safety Officer for our Florida offices (5) I was demonstrating the right way and the wrong way of walking down stairways. I believe in teaching by example. While I was demonstrating the correct way to walk down, I had a blond moment and missed the step. The end result? A fractured heal on my left foot. As I told everyone, it was a good thing that I was holding the handrail when I did it, otherwise, I would have hurt a lot more then just the heal. Needless to say, I have not lived this down yet.

My son, wrote on the cast "Kilroy was here." He said he had seen it on a show on Graffiti Throughout the Ages and thought it was "cool."

As always, keeping smiling it makes people wonder what you have been up to.

Kilroy in Las Vegas
WWII Kilroy Was Here Sightings Las Vegas

WWII Kilroy Was Here Sightings KercherPat, Here is yet another Kilroy sighting. This is your kind of restaurant. I Found this one in Las Vegas.


Tom Kercher

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