Aliceville Museum News Release
June 5, 2008

German World War II Motorcycle on loan to Aliceville Museum

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ALICEVILLE, AL - Motorcycle collector and Florida resident Jack Wells delivered his German World War II Zündapp motorcycle to the Aliceville Museum on Thursday, June 5th.

Wells found out about the museum from museum friend John Harper at a motorcycle rally in Sturgis Mississippi. After a few phone calls, Wells agreed to loan this valuable and rare motorcycle to the Aliceville Museum.

"This is a wonderful addition for our POW Museum" says museum board member Jean Harper. "We are sure it will spark quite a bit of interest as there are not many of this type motorcycles available for display. We very much thank Jack Wells for his support in loaning this beautiful piece to the museum."

The BMW Zündapp KS750 was a purpose-built motorcycle created for the burgeoning German military machine. In fact, the KS750 was designed from the onset to survive the rigors of combat and travel over most types of off-road areas. It had incredible torque, which enabled it to tow large loads along paved roads and some types of off-road conditions. It was equipped with a sidecar, which enabled it to carry a lone passenger.

Wells'motorcycle was manufactured in 1942. He said more than 40,000 KS750s were manufactured during World War II and most of them were destroyed during and after the war.

The Aliceville Museum preserves and displays a collection from a WWII German Prisoner of War Camp open in Aliceville from 1942 to 1945. The museum also preserves a collection of U.S. Military

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